Empty your mind

One day, a professor wanted to learn about Zen and approached a Zen master for an explanation. Despite the professor’s questions, the Zen master remained silent but poured a cup of tea until it overflowed.  The frustrated professor asked why the Zen master was continuing to pour when the cup was already full.

The Zen master replied that the professor was trying to understand Zen with a mind full of preconceptions and that in order to truly understand Zen, the mind must be empty and open to all possibilities. The Zen master emphasized that an empty mind allows for greater understanding and that a mind full of preconceptions limits one’s understanding.

In our life, we encounter challenges and opportunities that can teach us valuable lessons and help us to live a purposeful and meaningful life. It’s important to embrace these experiences and use them to grow and learn, rather than letting them pass us by.

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We need to keep an open and empty mind to truly understand and embrace new ideas and concepts. Don’t let preconceptions and assumptions limit your understanding, but instead try to approach new situations with a fresh perspective and a willingness to learn. Remember that an open and empty mind allows for greater understanding and growth.