Once upon a time, there lived a Raven who was unhappy with his life. He found himself crying on a tree branch when a compassionate monk noticed his distress.

Curious, the monk asked the Raven why he was crying, and the Raven expressed his disappointment in life. He felt unloved, unwanted, and believed dying would be better than living in such a state.

The wise monk tried to teach the Raven the importance of finding happiness in any situation, but the sad Raven couldn’t grasp the concept. Instead, he asked the monk to transform him into a Swan, thinking that would make him happy.

The monk agreed but asked the Raven to check with a Swan first to see if it was truly happy. The Raven flew off to find a Swan, believing it must be the happiest bird with its beauty and grace.

To his surprise, the Swan expressed its own discontent, thinking that the parrot might be the happiest bird. The Raven then sought out a parrot, only to discover the parrot’s fear of being trapped in cages made it unhappy.

Finally, the Raven visited a peacock, captivated by its majestic dance and colorful feathers. However, the peacock revealed the pain it felt when its feathers were plucked for decorations, causing it to be unhappy as well.

Realizing that he was the only bird with absolute freedom to fly wherever he wished, the Raven came to understand the value of his life. He decided not to become someone else and be content with who he was.

The moral of the story is to be happy with ourselves and not compare our lives with others. Each of us has our own unique qualities and struggles, and true happiness comes from within. We should embrace our uniqueness and focus on the things that bring us joy and fulfillment.

In life, we encounter challenges and opportunities that can teach us valuable lessons and help us grow and live a purposeful life. It’s crucial to embrace these experiences, learn from them, and not let envy or discontentment consume us.

Remember, the key to happiness lies in being content with who we are and finding joy in the present moment. Live life beyond goals and cherish the freedom and opportunities that life offers us.