Once there was a king who had a very wise minister. This wise one always used to say everything happens for its own good. One day this king was sharpening his sword sitting on his armchair and the wise one was near him. Suddenly the sword hit on the king’s leg, and he cut one of his toe fingers off. Then the wise minister said all is well and extended to say what happened has happened for its own good.

The king got angry because he could not believe why the minister said ‘this happened for good’ when he faced a pathetic situation of losing a finger. The king who was furious demanded the wise minister to be imprisoned immediately. The wise minister despite his plight of being sentenced for imprisonment said all is well, this happened for its own good, while going to the prison.

The furious king watching this was surprised to hear his minister’s words. Two months lapsed, and the king went hunting with his soldiers into a dense forest. This king was an animal hunter and animal hunting was one of his hobbies. So, one day this king went on an animal hunt with his soldiers.

The king suddenly saw a deer and was chasing up the deer and went deep into the forest and got isolated from his soldiers and could not catch the deer. He was all alone in the dense forest looking for a path to get out from the forest. Suddenly the king was surrounded by a group of tribes who were not in the king’s kingdom.

They did not recognize the king, so they captured the king and took him to their tribal leader who was looking for a human to be killed and used to sacrifice for their deity and please their deity. The king pleaded, them to release him. But they could not understand the language of the king.

They started with their rituals like playing drums in happiness, bathed and cleansed him, got him to wear new clothes and adorn him with a garland of flowers around his neck and made him ready to be sacrificed.

When they were about to kill this king, the head of the tribe came near the king and watched very carefully at the king who was ready to be sacrificed. The king kept on pleading and yelling at the tribal leader, ‘Please release me, please release me’ but the tribal leader didn’t understand what the king was saying.

However, the tribal leader noticed that the king who was prepared to be surrendered had lost one finger and ordered the drummers to stop the rituals as he is an incomplete human to be sacrificed to the deity, because the deity will get fumed and boiled instead of being happy.

So, they released the king, and the king happily went to his palace in his kingdom. After he reached his palace, he was recalling what happened while sitting on his armchair where he was sitting and sharpening his sword and lost the toe.

On this day the king realized that if he had the finger he would have been killed, so it was good that he lost one of his toes. Then the words of the king’s minister came to his mind when the king lost the toe. “This happened for good.” Then the king realized while sitting on his armchair pondering, that his minister was right. So, he decided to release the minister from prison and made an order.

The king gave his imprisoned minister the same position and told him that all is well and extended to say everything happened for good which was said by the minister was correct and unveiled what happened to the king in the forest.

“Now I realize this and feel sympathetic for you as you had to suffer for two months because of all this” said the king to his minister. But the wise minister replied, “my lord, I was your prime minister and I always used to be there with you.

Had I not been in jail, I also would have been with you when the tribe caught you and they would have killed me, as a sacrifice for their deity as my body was complete. So that is why I say, all is well and good that I was jailed. I saved my life and your life too.”

In life sometimes things that seem bad or unfortunate at first glance may ultimately have a positive outcome. It is important to keep a positive attitude and trust that everything happens for a reason. It also highlights the importance of perspective and the ability to find meaning and purpose in difficult situations.

The advice to all of us, when one is in trouble, is to maintain a positive attitude, even in difficult situations, and to trust that everything happens for a reason. It is also important to keep an open mind and consider different perspectives and recall that all is well, and everything happens for good. The more you recall this story no one can hurt you again and put you down again.