Finding Abundance in Simplicit

Once, there lived a boy hailing from an extremely rich family. Once this boy’s father took him to a village to show how hard and poor, according to him the villagers live. So the father and the boy came to a farm of a very poor family living in this village.

The two spent several days at the farm and when the boy came home the father asked the son, How was the trip? Did you enjoy it?

The boy replied saying oh father the trip was fantastic.

The father questioned the son, Did you see what a struggle they are going through?

Yes, answered the boy.

The father, who was eager to know more about his son’s experience at the village, told him to elaborate more on his experience at the village.

The Son replied saying, Father we have only one dog but they have many. We have a pool in the garden but they possess a river that is never ending. We have expensive light fixtures but they have plenty of stars that lit them throughout the dark. We do have a balcony but they have the entire horizon. We have a small piece of land while the villagers have never ending fields.

We buy food and keep them in the fridge but they grow on their own and have healthy food. We have security cameras however they don’t need such as they don’t have enemies as they all are friendly with each other. We go to after school clubs and holiday camps and they go home after school and spend time with family and friends. We go on holiday to see nature and the river but they live there.

The father was astonished by the son’s experience of the trip, and had no reply. But the boy thanked the father for showing him to see and understand how poor they are.

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In our life, true wealth and fulfillment cannot be measured by material possessions or social status. It’s important to appreciate and value the simple pleasures in life and the relationships we have with others. Don’t get caught up in the pursuit of material wealth or social status at the expense of what truly brings happiness and meaning to our lives.