The Obstacles In Your Path

Once, there was a king who wanted to see if anyone would be kind enough to move a rock that was blocking the road. He and his men placed the rock in the road and then hid in the bushes to observe. Many people passed by, including wealthy merchants and courtiers, but none of them bothered to move the rock. Most of them simply complained about the rock being in the way, but none of them actually did anything about it.

One day, a peasant came along carrying vegetables. When he saw the rock blocking the road, he decided to be kind and move it out of the way. Despite struggling and straining, he eventually managed to push the rock out of the way. When he went to pick up his vegetables, he saw a wallet lying on the ground where the rock had been. Inside the wallet, he found a lot of gold coins and a note from the king thanking him for moving the rock and stating that the gold was a reward for his kind act.

In our life, we will encounter many challenges and obstacles. Instead of seeing these as problems, we should view them as opportunities to improve our circumstances. Some people, who are kind and generous at heart, will take action to overcome these challenges and make the most of the opportunity, while others will simply complain and blame others for their circumstances. It’s important to approach every obstacle with a positive attitude, as this will allow us to make the most of every opportunity and turn it into something better.


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Remember the value of kindness and compassion in daily life. It’s easy to become self-centered and focused on our own needs and desires, but taking the time to help others and make a positive impact can bring great rewards. Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to show kindness to those around you, even if it requires effort or sacrifice. You never know what rewards may come your way as a result.